What is Silver Bullet SEO?

Just to be clear from the outset, Silver Bullet SEO is NOT an SEO agency. While the individuals involved do offer SEO services behind their own shingles, Silver Bullet is simply our way of helping warn the unsuspecting public away from crap-hat tactics that some self-proclaimed gurus, ninjas and other “experts” offer.

This isn’t a site dedicated to outing the nitwits that promise “guaranteed #1 placement in the SERPs” or “monthly submission to 200 directories”, although in our opinion, they deserve it. We will, however,  out those tactics as what they are… crap-hat SEO.

No doubt, we’ll tick off the occasional purveyor of such “services”. That’s fine. They’re not the sort of people with whom we care to have professional relationships with, anyway. We’ll get over that heartbreak. We just want to help folks that may not be aware that they’re about to be taken advantage of.

Every business has expenses, and sometimes the benefits of those expenses isn’t immediately obvious. Solid SEO services will often take a few months to yield visible gains in traffic or conversions. We just get really upset when we see someone paying for something that will never show a return.

And when we see sites being harmed by crappy tactics, losing instead of gaining, we see red. We see our collective reputation being dragged through the mud, and SEOs in general being branded as charlatans and rip-off artists. And that leads to ideas like Silver Bullet SEO.

So we’ll be talking about some of those crap-hat tactics here, and explaining what will and will not work and what may actually result in serious harm to a website. And we’re here to answer questions, as well. If someone proposes a service to you that you don’t understand, feel free to ask us. We may not be able to reliably predict what the results of that service will be for your site, because every situation is different. But we can tell you whether it’s of marginal benefit, high risk or downright suicidal. We’ll remind you that there is no silver bullet in SEO.

In blatant instances of what we consider to be dishonest business practices, we may decide to spotlight the folks responsible. It won’t win us any friends with the crap-hats… what a pity, eh? If you’re a crap-hat, trust us, you don’t want to be in that spotlight. We’ll name names, we’ll cite your promises and we’ll link to your site (can you spell nofollow?). And we’ll send you a Silver Bullet Crap-Hat SEO Badge that you can (proudly?) display on your home page, showing the world that you’ve been branded for what you are. If you decline to display it, don’t worry… we’ll do it for you… with great enthusiasm, sharing it far and wide. And we’ll make sure everyone within our reach knows you’re to be avoided at all cost.

And we’ll enjoy the hell out of it! Odds are, you won’t.


“You can’t make a fool out of me!” he shouted.

“You’re right. We can only point it out. The rest is up to you.”

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