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Doc Sheldon is a retired business management consultant, turned SEO and content strategist. When he’s not working on his clients’ behalf, he occasionally finds time to do some writing of his own. And when, in his e-travels, he stumbles across some crap-hat trying to sell BS to unsuspecting site owners, well… that’s what Silver Bullet SEO is for… to remind folks that there ARE no silver bullets in SEO.

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Doc retired in 2005 from his business management consulting agency, where he handled clients with 10,000+ employees down to one-man operations. He performed interim management services, turnarounds and liquidations, as well as providing executive training to Fortune 500 clients.

As part of a turnaround project in 2003, Doc started actively seeking SEO knowledge by frequenting various SEO and webmaster forums. After retiring in 2005, he began studying it fulltime, as he saw an exciting potential for those that could figure out what the search engines would do next, and were willing to “color between the lines”.

He presently co-manages Top Shelf Copy with Lisa Pratto, and has converted his previous site, Doc Sheldon’s Clinic, into an informational resource. Doc has been writing professionally for over 35 years, at one time owning and publishing both weekly and monthly magazines. He has published one book and thousands of articles in his pre-Internet career, and has now begun publishing ebooks, as well. He also writes for Search News Central and guest-posts on various industry blogs, and is a co-founder of SEO Company Directory, the Droidoo network and Used Cars 4 Sale. His latest ebooks, Common Sense Management and Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO are available on his website and Critical Thinking Too will be coming out soon.

Doc proudly wears the title of SEO Curmudgeon.

If you’re terminally bored and would like to know more about Doc, you can check him out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ for more information. You can also visit his other sites, Top Shelf Copy and Doc Sheldon’s Clinic.


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