A DecoNetwork Nightmare

Update (3-3-14) Since people don’t read the entire post, to see that this was a case of misunderstanding/ miscommunication, where DecoNetwork subsequently stepped up and made things right, I thought I’d better clarify things at the BEGINNING. In the words of the supposed “victim” in this event, “DecoNetwork has gone from zero to hero in […]

Omri Shabat – Welcome to the Silver Bullet Wall of Shame

A friend of mine was recently singled out by some dipshit that doesn’t know her from Adam, who apparently thought that it would be a good idea to doctor up a photo of her, in a very unflattering way, and then post a bunch of BS innuendo about her integrity. As though he had a […]

80%? Really, Alex? Done Much Math?

Another half-cocked whine about Google, by Alex Yumashev on Jitbit… a tip o’ the sombrero to my bud, Barry Schwartz for catching it and sharing it. Seems that Alex is complaining about Google using “80% of the page” for stuff that isn’t search results. <sigh> Alex, 1 + 1 does NOT equal 3 Okay, Alex, […]

Getting What Google Owes you

It seems like every day I see someone either posting on their blog or commenting on someone else’s about how pissed off they are about Google trying to regulate what practices are okay on the Internet. Well, folks… here’s a news flash for you:

Exposing Crap-Hat SEO Tactics, One at a Time

Those of us that work in SEO can rattle off a long list of techniques that can be classified as a waste of time, high-risk or downright suicidal for a website. Unfortunately, there are a lot of website owners out there that aren’t as informed, and may be easily misled by crap-hat providers, offering crap-hat […]

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