Getting What Google Owes you

It seems like every day I see someone either posting on their blog or commenting on someone else’s about how pissed off they are about Google trying to regulate what practices are okay on the Internet.

Well, folks… here’s a news flash for you:

Silver Bullet Truth #2: Google owes you NOTHING! Get over it!

Google isn’t mandating what practices you can’t use on your site. They’re simply mandating what practices aren’t acceptable for sites that want to be listed in their SERPs!

For the single-lonely-brain-cell mob that I see pitching this sob-story every day – get OVER it! It’s THEIR index and THEIR SERPs… if they want to say you must be W3C compliant, a Twitter user with between 100 and 1,000 followers or blue-eyed, they can! You don’t have to comply… but they don’t have to display your site!

‘Cause Google doesn’t owe you a damned thing! So feel free to block googlebot! Be sure to let everyone know how that works out for you. Whatever you decide to do, how about doing the rest of us a HUGE favor? STFU!


While I’m at it, allow me to point out another little tidbit that’ll probably shake up a few Neanderthals out there. I see a lot of whining about how Google “scrapes” their content and shows it as their own in their search results.

WTF? I quit smokin’ pot decades ago, and my memory isn’t as good as it once was, but I have to believe that whatever these crybabies are smokin’ is a LOT more potent than what we got back in the 60s!

If you’ve managed to delude yourself into believing that garbage, then there’s probably no hope for your one remaining brain cell. You make blonde jokes jealous! Here’s another little takeaway for you:

Silver Bullet Truth #3: Google is presenting your case for you when they show you in the SERPs. They’re not “stealing your content” or “violating your copyright”.  And if you can’t grasp that, and you still don’t like it… block ’em!

Sheesh! These guys make my head hurt!



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Retired business management consultant and publisher, turned SEO. 35+ years as a copywriter and content strategist, 9 years of it on-line.

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