80%? Really, Alex? Done Much Math?

Another half-cocked whine about Google, by Alex Yumashev on Jitbit… a tip o’ the sombrero to my bud, Barry Schwartz for catching it and sharing it.

Seems that Alex is complaining about Google using “80% of the page” for stuff that isn’t search results. <sigh>

Alex, 1 + 1 does NOT equal 3

Okay, Alex, I guess it’s time for another Truth:

Silver Bullet SEO Truth #4: The SERPs belong to Google, nobody else. They have the goal (actually, the legal obligation) to make money, and for anyone that isn’t already aware, they do that by selling advertising.

Yet another thing to get over!

How many folks would storm up to the manager of their favorite filling station or restaurant and start bitching that the ad poster in their front window really ought to be in the back room? Maybe behind a shelving unit?

One of my dad’s fondest sayings when he heard someone whining about how something just wasn’t “fair”, was “You’d bitch if you were hung with a new rope!” Okay… I guess you had to be there to appreciate the irony. But it fits, believe me.

The point is, a lot of people seem to be in a constant let’s-find-something-to-blame-Google-for mode. Alex is just picking at a different scab.

One thing was encouraging, at least… lately, Barry’s been dodging bullets from both sides of every issue, and it was refreshing to see him spared that, at least. (I know, Barry… you’ve got a thick hide. But still… )

Setting aside the fact that Mr. Yumashev’s math skills were either lacking, or conveniently mis-applied in the interest of link-baiting, whether Google decides to display organic results in 90% of the page or 10%, is really none of our business. We may not like it, and as a couple of comments pointed out, it may even be just a tad hypocritical of the lads in Mountain View. But the bottom line is, the SERPs don’t belong to us – they belong to Google.

Granted, Google may be a bit myopic in their corporate vision. They seem to judge the impact of each individual assault on webmasters and site owners on the basis of the impact of each. Seems to me that it’d be a good idea for them to start looking at the aggregate effect on their credibility and desirability.

Tossin’ a pebble at a junkyard dog won’t do him any harm.

But keep tossin’ ’em ’til it pisses him off, and let me know how that works out for you.

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