Some Facts of SEO Life


Silver Bullet Truth #1 – There ARE no silver bullets! There are no secrets, either! Virtually everything has been tried, in a myriad of permutations, sometimes with some level of success, sometimes ending in disaster. If someone offers to share some secret technique, run, don’t walk. Either they’re a fool, or they think you are.

Silver Bullet Truth #2: Google owes you NOTHING! Get over it!

Silver Bullet Truth #3: Google is presenting your case for you when they show you in the SERPs. They’re not “stealing your content” or “violating your copyright”.  And if you can’t grasp that, and you still don’t like it… block ‘em!

Silver Bullet SEO Truth #4: The SERPs belong to Google, nobody else. They have the goal (actually, the legal obligation) to make money, and for anyone that isn’t already aware, they do that by selling advertising.

Silver Bullet SEO Truth #5: I am NOT a Google fan-boy! As far as I’m concerned, they have plenty to answer for. I just don’t happen to think that running their business like a business is one of those things. (just thought I’d throw that in there)

Silver Bullet SEO Truth #6: For every valid SEO statement that can be found on the web, there are at least 99 wrong opinions about the same issue. Learn to tell the difference. The best way? Test for yourself.

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